Motivational Speeches/Conferences & Meetings


The following presentations can be customized to meet your conference or meeting needs.  They can be presented in 30 minute to 2 hour formats.

"Successful Leadership Skills, Traits, and Characteristics"


"Coaching and Counseling for Superior Performance"


"Selection Interviewing: How to Select the Best Person for the Job"


"Seven Steps to Successful Delegation"


"Planning and Managing Change Effectively"


"Balancing Leadership and Management Skills Successfully"


"Motivating Your Team and Yourself"


"Analyzing Organizational Performance Problems: Whose Problem is it?"


"How to Conduct Successful Performance Evaluations"


"Win-Win Conflict Resolution Techniques"


"The Individual Development Planning Process"


"How to Plan and Conduct Successful Meetings"


"Building Empowerment, Ownership, and Responsibility"


"Managing Your Time and Your Life"


"How to Deliver Top Quality Customer Service"


"Building and Maintaining a Successful Team"


"Yes, You Can Say That! Effective Assertiveness Techniques"


"Planning and Presenting Successful Presentations"